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I’m building ESX4.01 today. Just want to share my personal best practice for vSphere Partition. I know there are quite few different best practices on the Internet, but I personally quite generous on / and /var ( I turn on trivia log).

if you use default setting, you can only use that server for test. If you want to use that server for production, customize partition is necessary.
I give you a picture of original settings.

This is what I did to my server.

Some of my friends think local storage on ESX box is not very userful.

It’s actually very useful for me.
I put all VM SWAP files on it.
If I do that:
1. I save 2~4GB per VM on SAN depends on memory.
2. My storage usage space won’t increase dramatically.
3. Yes, it slows down vmotion. But who cares?



  1. hello,

    Great article ! (sorry for my awful english, i’m french…)
    One question: if you use your local storage for VM swap in a cluster env you cannot not use HA to recover your VM in case of failure ?


    • hi
      Sorry for getting back to you late. I was in holiday for 19 days. :p
      In the event of HA, if HOst can shutdown VMs correctly, swap file will be removed and recreate on new host. If Host was powered off, the swap file is no useful anyway even if you store them with ur vm. VM will be restarted and old swap will be deleted and recreate a new swap file.

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