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I just came back from Vmware Seminar 2010. There are lots of information I would like to share with you. You can clearly see  where Vmware is heading for it’s own future.

Future of Vmware: Cloud

You may heard some news about VmForce (Vmware combine with Salesforce to make cloud level ERP system), Vmware acquired SpringSource and public cloud, private clound. I was quite confused before I attended this seminar since I could hear everyone is talking about cloud but no real clouds system for private enterprise to merge or any real cases about cloud. This puzzle is resolved by this Seminar.

VMware wants to get rid of Microsoft

That’s it. That’s root cause why Vmware did all sorts of weird activities in past year. This is what Vmware has planned:

Make all companies virtualization 50% up (√) (85% world companies are using VMware tech)

Make all companies 100% virtualized

  • Vmware SRM helps DR (Expensive plan which requires 100% virtualization & DR budget, only about 5% companies are doing that)
  • vSphere helps servers platform (facing challenges from MS and Citrix)
  • VMware View helps Desktop (unsuccessful and beaten by Citrix  XenDesktop)
  • vThinapps (very few companies have actually used in the production, this is prestep for stripping apps from OS level in the future)

Using ESXi to replace ESX (has confirmed from all VMWARE people, it will happen in 2011. Vmware can finally get rid of head ache Red Hat for SC and have hardware appliance alike ESXi as house bricks)

Using VMSafe products (like Trend Macro, Agentless anti-virus. It will be available very soon).

Private Cloud era (VMware believes applications don’t need to run on Microsoft OS. They can let applications run directly on VMKernel. It’s obviously that Microsoft won’t agree with this idea. That’s why VMware bought SpringSource(Java application company) and try to make application platformless. I believe Microsoft will soon to push out their own cloud system and also use MS version thinApps and stream APPs to fight with Vmware)

Hybrid cloud (It’s also called Redwood project. This is next generation VM OS. If Private cloud is ready, meaning all apps can run on VMkernel without MS OS. Any apps can be seamlessly transferred between private cloud to hybrid cloud and even public cloud).

Public cloud (At that day, every system will run on a standard industry module  and can accept and transfer all applications)

In terms of convincing CIOs and IT Managers to purchase equipment to do VM DR and 100% virtualization, Vmware put lots of efforts on CapacityIQ, ChargeBack, how to shift attention from CAPEX to OPEX during the seminar. It only broadcasts one message. Come and virtualize everything!

Good plans, but there are concerns:

I agreed Vmware has drawn a beautiful picture of future I.T. But whether they can actually pull off this show is really a question mark. With all those components, like servers, Desktops, Networks, any parts of failure may cause huge disaster for Vmware. Vmware View is still not promising from angle of optimizing qos via WAN. PCoIP completely when it competes with Citrix ICA/HDX. Vmware users have to go back and use MS RDP protocol to connect Virtual desktop which gives Microsoft a chance to regain the market. Even in the latest demonstration, Vmware view still hasn’t fixed issue. From my personal understanding, Java applications has tons of issue. Slowness, stability problem. Novell has to dropped off Java console from Netware few years ago doesn’t mean anything to Vmware?

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