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Time flys quickly. Before I notice, it’s 2012 now! At the end of this human era (urrr, joking), what’s going to happen in Virtualization world?

Most of you may notice how come GeekSilver hasn’t updated his blog for so long. Well, half reason is I’m very very busy on projects and the half reason is I see the storm coming and runing around to look for cover.

That storm is called Microsoft.

I can’t stress enough to remind everyone who is still crazy about Vmware and insist the leadership of virtualization is Vmware that , oh yeah, Micrsoft System Center suite and Windows 8 with Hyper-v 3 is going to be bigger than Vmware vSphere 5.

Few reasons standing out.

vCenter suite vs System Center suite 2012

Microsoft has invested all what it’s got into Virtualization. System Center suite Datacenter version retail price is $3600 for per socket and no limit on vm numbers. It offers everything Vmware got (like Operation Manager vs SCOM, Configuration Manager vs SCCM, Orchestrator vs Orchestrator, Server-vApp vs Vmware thin app, DPM, forefront vs vShield ,plus with WSUS, SCCM automatic deployment and true service as Service modling components. ) 

Check out System Center 2012 , follow this link

Hyper-v 3 vs vSphere 5

On virtualization platform , Hyper-V has 90% functions what vSphere 5 can do. It supports vDS, storage acceleration, live migration and better and more support for file size, memory, CPU. Windows 8 has new virtual VMFS layer which supports almost unlimite number of files.

For more details about How good Hyper-v is, follow this link

Public Cloud

Please do remember Vmware hasn’t really got it’s own public cloud platform yet. vCloud Director is still struggling while Office 365 is really working well with Exchange 2010, Windows Azurs with dance with SQL 2012.


I’m not quite how many people are still learning VCAP certificates. If I were you, I probably will change direction to learn Microsoft Private Cloud Certificates and UCS DCUCI.

Check out what Microsoft Private Cloud certificate is, follow this link

I don’t see how Vmware is going to cope with new version of Microsoft Virtualization products. Plus, Vmware shot it’s own foot with vSphere 5 license. Vmware is not a software developing company. vSphere does work very well on infrastructure and Platform (maybe in the future), but all basica software are from Microsoft. Now, MS is changing the direction and focus on every details and layer. Where can Vmware go?

I can forsee following next 3 years, Vmware will have very tough battle and 50 % of market will be consumed by Microsoft. Once next version of System Center (the one after 2012) comes out, that could be terminator of Vmware.

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