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Recentely, we have finally got upgrade to new environment which is Cisco UCS 2.0. We are all excited with new toy but we ran into some design issue s which I would like to record here so you can avoid it in the future.


FC Uplink needs to be at right ports.

I think this is basic common knowledge but  clearly, we don’t know. With Fabric Interconnector, we need to configure FC port to connect to Uplink FC switch. At first, we put FC ports in the middle of switch and put Ethernet Uplink at the end of switch (like port 31/32). Then, we realize it’s not doable once we get into configuration.

click that to get into FC port configuration

Click Yes

We put FC link in the middle, which is wrong. Ethernet port at the end. As you can see, there is slide bar to slide to configure. Once you slide, you will see this.

All ports on right side of bar will be FC ports. So you can either put FC to expansion model or you have to change your ports.


UCS Memory is bigger than your hard disk

Well, this actually sounds ridiculous. But it’s one of reasons why we bought UCS. Our Blade has 196GB memory and we will put Vmware on them. We also bought 100GB SSD to increase swap file speed. Unfortunately, at that time we purchased, we didn’t realize that to put swap file of vms on local disk, we need at least same size 196GB as memory so vm swap file can use local disk rather than precious of SAN storage. Even with new vSphere 5 feature (Swap host cache in SSD), that function won’t help much only we have memory contention. So if we balance it out, we should buy some big size of SAS to cover that.

vMotion is No!

Well, maybe it’s just me that I’m get used to always vMotion everywhere. Once I installed new blade and join them to our vCenter. I tried to offload my vms to new host. Then, I got this error.

Of course, what you need to do is to turn it off and migrate. But then, that’ s outage or you have to EVC.

All those errors can be avoid easily but it’s matter of experience, I guess. Hope it helps.


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  1. I am currently setting up the same environment and I came across an issue where VMware was not picking up my on board nor my 4 port ethernet card in my PCI slot… only the 2 dual port fiber cards… I found out from Cisco about the port placement and now the vmware kernel can see the cards but VMare interface is not picking them up… I contact both Cisco and VMware and they are working on it but so far nothing…. was it is mistake to go “Cisco vSpec”

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