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What is UCS VIC failover.

Put it into a simple way, each blade can have a VIC card. Each VIC card has 2 10gbit/s ports like the one we are using, CISCO UCS M81KR.

This VIC card will handle all network/SAN traffic from this blade to both IOMs. When there is outage on one path of uplevel, VIC can automatically redirect traffic to another working interface without outage.

For more details, please refer to reference document.


Why we need to disable UCS VIC failover.

According to UCS design document,

All Connectivity May Be Lost During Upgrades if vNIC Failover and NIC Teaming Are Both Enabled All connectivity may be lost during firmware upgrades if you have configured both Enable Failover on one or more vNICs and you have also configured NIC teaming/bonding at the host operating system level. Please design for vailability by using one or the other method, but never both.
To determine whether you have enabled failover for one or more vNICs in a Cisco UCS domain, verify the configuration of the vNICs within each service profile associated with a server. For more information, see the Cisco UCS Manager configuration guide for the release that you are running.


UCS VIC failover will have MAC conflict with Host level Nic teaming including Vmware vNic Teaming.

Comparing two solutions of nic teaming failover, Vmware nic Teaming is also providing network load balance and much more controlling over Cisco VIC failover. Hence, we need to disable VIC failover.

How to disable VIC failover

If really depends how you setup your system. In my UCS, I have deployed NIC template and therefore, I will need to modify nic template first.



Notice the nic template type is Updating Template even when service profile template is Initial template, it means the change I will make (untick the Enable Failover) will be push to blade immediately.

The good thing is we have setup our reboot policy ask “User Ask”, so UCS will reboot blade immediately. Instead, it will put request into pending Activity list for approve.


Change failover procedure





Now, you will be able to schedule to reboot your blade.








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