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I have thinking recently about what and where I would be in 3 yrs regarding my career path. If I go through the certificates I got, I have a strong feeling that I don’t have any cloud certificates. so here is question.

I have VCP certificates, do I need anything else?

First of all, you need to be aware that we are talking about cloud Certificates here. It’s not virtualization certificates. Virtualization is ground brick of Cloud, but it can’t represent the concept and IT as Service. We do need something in general concept and help us to convert business mode from normal traditional EA software license to become user consumption, department consumption mode as what I called now, IT as service.

The reason for that is we need to fully understand mode and details of each department and each software usage for business so in one day, we can break down some pieces and shift them to Public cloud.

Now, back to my own topic, Certificates.


So far, I have only found one set of Cloud certificates which is EMC CIS.

The path of getting all certificates are following:


Become an IT professional who demonstrates cross-domain expertise and focus on designing cloud-based IT service solutions that drive business transformations for the enterprise and service provider organizations. This course is for those assessing, architecting, and designing IT-as-a-Service solutions as part of the transformation and optimization of virtual data centers into cloud-based IT-as-a-Service environments. Prepare for your Expert-level Cloud Architect Certification.
Exam and Practice Test
Expert E20-918 (To be announced)
Specialist E20-018
Associate E20-002




To be honest, the cost of taking those training are huge. You are basically looking at $3000 just for video training and $5000 for Lab training with limited region. As parent company of Vmware, EMC believes it earns it’s place to issue it’s certificates as first in industry. But will  you really want to get EMC certificates?



Cisco has been really pushing on Virtualization and working extreme well. The flag product is UCS which earns respect and become default Blade system any company would want to have. Cisco certificates are not new to I.T so here is something new from Cisco in Cloud side.


This is new released by Cisco and that’s what Cisco picture itself in Cloud business. Since there is no doubt on network part, with help of Vmware, I’m very sure Cisco will become a true leader of Cloud certification.

However, there is one specific cloud certificate from Cisco yet, so UCS certificates should be the one you can get.

Interesting enough, not only you need to pass Cisco Exam, but also must own Vmware certificates. Hence, we know how strong the relation between Cisco and Vmware.


Here we go. There is no reason I don’t mention Vmware here. But the tricky thing is even after so many effort from Vmware for Virtualization and Cloud, there is no Vmware Cloud certificate!

My guess is Vmware is still working on how to make Cloud Director really working as it should be. All other components are made but not mature yet. We should expect to see some sort of Vmware Cloud certificates in next 2 or 3 years.



I never be a fan of Citrix. In my mind, it’s complicated, not user friendly, consuming too much resource, overhead for administration and too expensive and too many on licenses. The only reason we are still hitting on Citrix is the XenDesktop which is great on low bandwidth. Apart from that, I don’t see any attractions.

No cloud certificates on Citrix but I believe it will kick in pretty soon.


Microsoft is keeping it’s own way on Cloud definition. It seems it doesn’t like to share whatever technology it’s using. Hyper-v 3 is finally taking vDS into it but still lack of hardware vendor’s support. Windows Azure is slowly slowly moving forward with few companies doing DEV and test on it. Office 365 could be a good one but it’s charging too much and limited on customization. Leave your product into black box and you can’t manage and don’t know how it works is a scary strategy to take.


Well, as usual, drop a line to me and see what I have missed.