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Slight spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched SGU, you may not want to proceed.


I just watched Star Gate Universe, season 1 episode 20. This is the last episode of this season which actually discovers the Ancient is using vSphere technology especially vMotion in their spaceship “Destiny”.

First of all, let me give you a brief introduction about what happened to this scene. Basically, this scene is about transferring control console between 2 different locations. Telford (undercover agent) is trying to transfer Destiny consoles to Dr. Rush who is located at another location of ship. Then, his transfer was stopped by enemy and Dr. Rush only got some consoles.

Let’s take a look.

This is original consoles. Telford started to push buttons and commit vMotion to transfers all vConsoles to Dr Rush.

This picture shows all consoles start to minimize themselves one by one and disappear from this end.

Dr Rush team has received the console. This Dr open a vSphere (Gee, it does like a sphere with all console in) and start to receive all consoles via vMotion.

All received consoles start to zoom in and maximum window and disappear. This means they have got those consoles but not all of them.

Under covered Telford is found by enemy. They started to shoot each other. Then, somehow, it also stopped transferring console vMotions. That feels unlikely, but anyway, this is TV series requirement.

On this side, Dr Rush noticed Console vMotion has stopped!! He said his famous line, “something is happening!”

It appears technology director of SGU knows what vSphere and vMotion is! ho ho

Is he a VMware fan as well?