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Just this morning, I attended VCP 4 exam. The exam has 85 questions and you need to complete them in 90 minutes. The total score of this exam is 500 and passing score is 300.

This exam is purely based on single and multiple choices questions. Easy to answer without simulations.

After I finished the exam, I jumped on and try to take a peak for next level exam VCAP4.

VCAP4 has two different certificates. VCAP4- Datacenter Administration and VCAP4 – Datacenter Design. I have downloaded the blueprint for VCAP4- Datacenter Administration (which is only available data at this time). After reading this 100% lab base exam blueprint, I have to admit it almost knocks my socks off.

This exam requires you to know everything and how to configure everything. From FT, to MCSC, from vMA to troubleshooting. With vSphere 4.1 just released, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be much complicated than what it was before. Well, if it is a required to be a VCAP4, so be it.

Let’s make it work!