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With new release of ESXi4.1, we all need to update vSphere components which includes HP CIM agent.

It’s very easy step if you have prepared.


1. We need to download hp CIM agent for ESXi 4.1 from here

2. We need vMA 4.1 or vSphere CLI available. Please refer to my last post about vMA 4.1.

3. We need to have http server ready. A simple MS windows server can do the job. You need to make sure IIS is installed.

4. Put your host into maintenance mode


1. Downloading the 4MBs zip file from HP website. Here

2. Setup IIS so you can download zip from your internal site.

vihostupdate supports both local zip file and http zip file. But we don’t want to upload to little poor vMA (only 5GB size). so you want to build a IIS virtual directory just let vMA able to download zip file from other local server.

After you download the zip file, you put it into one of folders where IIS is installed (in my case, it’s E:\Install\vmdownload).

Then, you need to open IIS Manager and right click Default Web site and choose “New” for Virtual Directory.

Go through the wizard as default (read only will be fine and build a virtual direcotry. (In my case, it’s vmdownload).

You can just try to download that file from any IE and to test it.

Make sure you type full address and include filename as well because you don’t have browse rights to that folder.

3. Use vMA to update hp cim to your host

You need to log in vMA and target your host first.

Then, you need to check out and see what has been installed. –server <server> –query

If you can’t find the bundle file, you can use these command to install –server <server> –install –bundle <local_path>/ –bulletin

After installation, you are required to reboot your hosts.

After reboot, you can run command to verity the installation.